State of Illinois Digital Identity Registration  

Enter your personal information exactly as registered with the SOS Driver Services Department and found on your valid Illinois Drivers License or Identification Card.

PKI Digital Certificate - Customer Support hours:
Monday thru Sunday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
(866) 465-9119
Please respond by saying " This is concerning the registration process for a digital certificate"

Questions about State of Illinois Digital Signatures? Read the FAQ!

Personal Information as currently registered with the Illinois Secretary of State


Personal Validation

xxxx-xxxx-xxxx   (First character is a CAPITALIZED LETTER)
 XXX (three digits) lbs.

User Information

The e-mail address you enter will be included in your Digital ID. This will enable you to use the Digital ID for signing and encryption with certain e-mail software and will enable others to encrypt e-mail sent to you if they already know your e-mail address. This will also provide us with a way to notify you in case of problems.

(ex. Mother's Maiden Name)
Should you forget your ID or password, you will be asked to answer the question you provide here. Your Shared Question should be simple enough for you to answer, but not easily guessed by anyone else.
Note: The name of a spouse is not a good Shared Question, as anyone who knows you could provide the Shared Answer.

(ex. Mrs. Jane Doe)
This should be the response to the Shared Question entered above and, in the future, it must be entered exactly as you enter it here. As above, this shared answer should be simple enough for you to remember, but not easily guessed by anyone else.

User ID

(ex. JohnDoe or JohnDoe1)
Digital ID

You will use the User ID that you select along with your password to access your Digital ID. Select a User ID that you will be able to remember easily. *The User ID can be up to 30 characters in length.
Your password will be entered on the next page

Privacy Verification
Your name and address can be passed to State agency applications when you use your Digital ID, making it unnecessary for you to enter your name and address on each individual agency form and web page. The information will only be shared with other State of Illinois applications. If you do not want your name and address provided to other State of Illinois applications, please check the box below.

How sharing of name and address among agencies works.